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Putting on an incredible event involves many moving parts. At the very least, you need audio visual equipment and technicians to set it up. But most event planners are looking for much more—a creative theme, beautiful scenic design, compelling video, stunning graphics, and other special touches that take an event to the next level. When you work with Showcore, you get all of those services and more. We are an event production company with over 30 years of service supporting event planners, producers, and brands.

Browse our creative services below, and don’t forget to check out examples of our work here. When you’re ready, contact us to schedule a meeting with an event expert!

All the Creative Services You Need for Your Event in One Place

Our team is made up of creative thinkers and designers, experienced audio visual technicians, and skilled engineers who are ready to help you deliver your most important messages through the use of audio visual and creative services.

No matter what size or shape, the main stage at your event should command attention. Our creative team excels at designing dynamic stages that drives your business objectives.
We develop custom deployable sets that are installed along with your audio visual equipment and taken down after the event. Let us help you design something special and cost-effective!
Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a before-and-after shot of your event, or to have the ability to look into your meeting space prior to any work being done and envision what it will look like? Our 3D renderings help paint a picture of what various event layouts, designs, and graphics will look like during the live sessions of your meeting or event. Get in touch with an event expert for more details.
Not only does our team support the development of how your meeting or event looks and feels, we can also create templates to help you deliver a stellar presentation. We use various forms of medium to help presenters deliver the message in a clean and organized manner, while supporting their individual presentation habits.
Want to tie your event together with a theme? Our creative team takes the time to get to the root of your meeting or event, and works directly with your key stakeholders to help derive the best theme. Then, we get to working on bringing your messages to life through the event design, with a focus on how each presentation will support your theme with intention.
Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. At Showcore, we focus on integrating your brand’s message with the theme of the event and audio visual design to produce stunning video content that drives engagement.

Don’t need all of the above? No problem. We can put together a creative package that suits the size and scale of your event. Not sure what exactly is needed for your event? We’re experts at identifying our clients’ problems and providing solutions. For more information, give us a call at 651-994-1500, or connect with us online.

Creative Event Design, the Latest Technology, & Technical Support

Producing an event of any size is no small task, but Showcore is always up for a challenge. We offer the latest audio visual technology, exciting creative services, and professional technical support. And with our global service network, we are able to support your event nearly anywhere in the world! Contact us to start planning your event today.

Believe in the Experience

Whether you’re planning a large corporate event or small presentation, we provide everything you need for an impactful event. Contact us today to get started!

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