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Are your employees located across the U.S. or overseas? Are different audiences watching your presentations at various dates and times? Live streaming your event is easy with our web broadcasting services!

Adding a webcast solution to your event helps you maximize ROI and communicate to a larger audience. It’s the perfect delivery method for:

  • Shareholder and regulatory meetings
  • Employee training and communications
  • Product launches and promotions
  • Industry conferences and tradeshows
  • Sales meetings
  • Corporate events
  • New product launches
  • Government meetings
  • Forums
  • Education Instruction
  • Special events

At Showcore, we offer a turnkey live event broadcasting solution that provides companies and organizations with the flexibility to extend and enhance their audiences’ experiences for meetings, conferences, and events. No more technical issues, no more bad lighting, no more under-delivered productions. Most importantly, no more putting your reputation at risk! Contact us today to get started.

Benefits of Live Streaming Your Event

Live streaming has become increasingly popular over the years because it offers people around the world the ability to experience an event, even if they can’t be there personally. But what about the benefits for your company or organization? You may be wondering, “If my event is going to be live streamed for free, who will purchase a ticket to the actual event?”

It’s a legitimate question, but the funny thing is, case studies show that live streaming your event can actually lead to an increase in physical attendance at future events. According to a study conducted by Meetings Today, organizations that live stream their events can expect to see about 23 percent of their virtual attendees converting to physical attendees within the next two years after the web broadcast. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits...

Live event broadcasting maximizes your ROI by reducing the expenses typically associated with hosting physical attendees. For example, if 1,000 of your attendees are online, you don’t need additional catering, printed programs, or seating for those attendees.
A compelling live event broadcast can help differentiate your brand messaging, public relations content, and website. Recorded footage can easily be repurposed as part of your marketing strategy—post it on your website, upload it to YouTube to increase exposure, use clips to promote next year’s event, etc.
Streaming your event live can improve audience engagement, helping you reach more people from all over the nation or world, while also enhancing the connections you make with your audience through other production elements, such as animation, graphics, and video.
An interactive live stream provides a comfortable setting for virtual attendees, and often provides a larger impact than other delivery methods.
A web-based live event can broadcast your message nationally and globally, at whatever date and time you desire.

When you live stream your event, you’re not going to lose physical attendees—you’re going to reach the people who wouldn’t otherwise make it to the event due to scheduling conflicts, budget issues, or lack of time for travel. It’s truly a no-brainer! Call or email Showcore today to schedule your web broadcast.

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Redefine your events and meetings using live web broadcasting from Showcore! With our global service network, we are able to provide our services to companies, organizations, and brands worldwide. We take pride in providing our clients with professional, clear web broadcasting services free of technical issues. Contact us at your convenience via phone or email to request a quote.

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Whether you’re planning a large corporate event or small presentation, we provide everything you need for an impactful event. Contact us today to get started!

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