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Experiential Event Design


Experiential Event Design with Showcore

At Showcore, we don’t just stage events; we design experiential environments that engage the audience’s senses. Our methods address the limited attention spans of today’s technology-savvy audience members and direct their focus on the event at hand through personalized interactive experiences, exciting technology, and the unexpected.

Experiential event design...

  • Creates an interactive sensory environment focused specifically on your audience’s demographics and learning styles.
  • Helps retain and maximize your audience’s attention span.
  • Supports your message in a powerful way that wows your audience and drives engagement.

Read on to learn more, and then give us a call or send an email when you’re ready to get started!

How It Works

With our revolutionary event design platform, we craft an experience that brings your corporate communications to a new level! We call it Audience Encapsulation.

Audience Encapsulation is a 360° sensory experience that boosts engagement and drives your message home. Here’s how it works:

  • We get to know your audience and objectives. Before we start designing your experiential event, it’s important we learn as much as possible about the attendees, as well as what you hope to accomplish. This information helps us identify which interactive elements will resonate best with your audience. Our design team works with you to understand the demographics within your event landscape. We are experts at recognizing the differences in style, taste and experience that different demographics have. We do the research so we can create an environment that your specific attendees want to interact with.
  • We design and engineer the set. After spending time learning about your brand and audience, our talented technicians and design teams come together to design and engineer a set that includes multiple opportunities for interaction. We focus on creating immersive experiences with the use of sound, lighting, content, dialogue and physical environment.
  • We offer technical support. After meticulously planning your experiential event design and building the set, the hard work isn’t over. The environment is only valuable if it’s executed flawlessly. Our staff is fully trained and highly experienced. We will ensure all elements of your technical productions are aligned and properly tested prior to the beginning of your event. That’s why we take care of all on-site technical execution and operation of the event. We do this to ensure the overall vision is followed and no queue is missed.

Benefits of Audience Encapsulation

At Showcore, we believe event design should engage as many of your audience’s senses as possible for a thoroughly immersive experience. Whether the purpose of your event is to validate employees, help launch a new product, or establish your company culture, audience encapsulation has many benefits.

Customizable and Engineered for Any Environment

Audience Encapsulation can be utilized in just about any environment and incorporated into multiple production elements. Wrap the entire event space with Audience Encapsulation, or incorporate it in multiple rooms—we can get as creative as you want! Our team is never afraid to think big and push the boundaries of event production.

Provides More Intimate Stage Environments

By incorporating Audience Encapsulation, the sightlines and the proximity to the stage for every person in the venue creates an environment that is more engaging and compelling. Not only does it show off your brand, it ensures an immersive and memorable experience for everyone.

Impacts Audience Engagement

Audience Encapsulation deals with the need to captivate attention spans and address the generational changes in the employee base within your company. It also creates a more relaxing environment. Instead of a high-stress, formal event where networking feels forced, an experiential event encourages people to interact and connect through a shared experience.

Our Production Services Can Bring Your Event to the Next Level

Showcore is more than an A/V production company. Along with handling all of the technical aspects to ensure your event goes smoothly, we offer a broad range of production services, including:

  • Theme Development
  • Graphics Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Content Creation
  • 3D CAD & Rendering Services
  • Scenic Design
  • Stage Design

Let’s Create a Memorable Event

Creating a memorable experience at your next event is an effective way to solidify your attendees’ engagement long after the night is over. Ready to get started? Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

Believe in the Experience

Whether big or small, we make it easy from start to finish. Contact Showcore today!