MINNEAPOLIS, MN – May 16, 2017

“With the amount of video deployed in our events, d3 has been crucial in reducing the overall time to map and previsualize content. Specifically, with unique LED configurations, the 1:1-pixel mapping capabilities work great. It’s great to have a single media server that provides us with 16 HD outputs (or up to 4-4K outputs) while being able to deliver lightning fast content transfers live to the server with its 10-gigabyte network switch.” says John Bulver, Video Manager, Showcore, Inc.

Showcore year-in-year-out re-invests a substantial portion of its profits directly back into event technology such as the d3 media server. “We went with the d3 platform to expand what we’re capable of designing and delivering for our clients.” says President/CEO Steve Devries.

Why d3 Technologies: (www.d3technologies.com)
The world’s first integrated video production suite, d3 is more than just a media server. Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets you work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements while being completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.

Media Contact: Jack Devries, Director, Showcore, Inc. | 651-587-0425| jack.devries@showcore.com