What makes for a truly incredible and memorable event that feels like one of a kind? 

Is it the creation and implementation of engaging content that educates, entertains, and inspires audiences? 

Maybe it’s the dazzling array of audio-visual elements that can turn even the most mundane presentation into a sensory spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed.

If you ask any experienced event production company what really goes into producing a one-of-a-kind event, they’ll tell you it’s the crews who work behind the scenes, putting in the long, hard hours to ensure every aspect of the event goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll tell you it’s the working relationships that are created along the way, building connections with like-minded companies to enhance the industry for every enterprise involved. Most importantly, they’ll tell you that it’s the network of associations that you have created over the years that truly defines the motivation for event production companies to continue to progress in their passion for delivering innovative and state-of-the-art productions. 

Showcore has been helping organizations put on unforgettable events for decades now. The secret behind our success? We’ve built incredible strong partnerships that fuel a continued focus on flawless execution and innovation for clients throughout North America.

Event Production Network is one such association that has offered us a mutually rewarding partnership.

A Network of Support, Growth, & Opportunities  

When it comes down to it, the overall goal of the Event Production Network (EPN) is to provide momentous event experiences for meeting planners and event organizers around the world in an effort to raise the bar for the audio-visual and production expectations for live, virtual, and hybrid events

It’s easy to think of EPN as a collaborative club for event industry professionals, constantly sharing as many resources as possible to ensure a seamless event experience, no matter the location of the event. 

Our CEO, Stephen De Vries, recently sat down with EPN to express nothing but sheer satisfaction when it comes to the relationship between Showcore and Event Production Network. 

“(Showcore) being a member of the EPN has been a wonderful experience,” De Vries says. “It’s given us the opportunity to expand our reach, support our customers better and also gain knowledge from each other and share experiences that we can grow on.” 

While the network supports dozens of event production companies across the globe, there’s still a level of experience, professionalism, and expertise that’s required to join the EPN team. 

According to the organization, to ensure that this network is held to the highest of standards, “EPN members must pass a rigorous review by fellow practitioners before being accepted as part of the highly selective network, so meeting planners and event organizers can feel confident in their craft.” 

The Value of Being an EPN Member? Priceless… 

Anyone who’s ever been involved in any capacity of event planning or production knows it takes a village to produce an event that truly exceeds expectations. When Showcore joined the EPN, that village instantly expanded, providing us with the nationwide networking solutions and opportunities necessary to take on projects and clients that, prior to becoming an EPN member, would’ve been extremely difficult to engage with. 

“The competitive advantage is simple,” De Vries says. “Number one, we can (take on) any job, anywhere in the country, and have our partner office support it. It’s a good opportunity to take on projects that we might not take on due to the geographic location of it… So we can take a job that we normally wouldn't take, executive it with our partners, and our clients are still getting support from us.” 

Such networking opportunities are simply invaluable in the world of event production, and De Vries stresses how the worth of Showcore’s ongoing relationship with the EPN cannot be defined in simple economic terms. 

“The value is easily covered in the costs, for sure,” De Vries says. “You can’t even judge it because there are so many items that you couldn’t even put a value on; it’s like the Visa commercials, it’s priceless, it’s a priceless experience.” 

Paving the Path Toward Event Excellence 

Every year, we take on a seemingly endless list of event production projects from clients across all industries and regions. While our longevity as a business is certainly built on our reputation as one of the premier event production companies in the world, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge the role that the EPN has played in helping our company grow and improve over the years. 

“I would always recommend working with an EPN member,” De Vries says. “One of the main reasons is accountability. We’re accountable to each other. It’s not a one-time, one-stop event; we’re in a relationship. It’s trust, it’s all built on trust, longevity, and repeat performances from everybody, and it’s the accountability function that really makes it a special relationship.”  

By maintaining our membership with the EPN, we’re able to better serve all our clients throughout the country, as well as always deliver on our promise to raise the bar when it comes to providing audio-visual excellence that elevates any event experience. 

For all your event production needs, contact Showcore today to schedule a consultation with our team of event professionals or to learn more about how our partnership with the EPN can help take your event to the next level!