Showcore is a member of the Event Production Network and is dedicated to contributing to its values of:




Not all associations are built the way the Event Production Network is. Showcore is proud to be known as a member, collaborate with other members, and engage in programs dedicated to continuing to deepen the community impact amongst all member partners. 

In the fast-paced world of events, collaboration and trusted partners are pertinent to being able to deliver on all promises made to clients. Having the ability to deliver flawlessly, in all markets across North America, with accurate, reliable, and experienced partners gives event planners, producers, and corporate clients an experience that cannot be replicated by one company alone. 

When it comes to planning and executing an event, working with a partner that has deep rooted relationships, across different markets, make a huge impact.  

2023 Event Production Leadership Symposium - Elevate

2023 marked the 15th year of this event. Arriving on site to see the largest attendance to-date was impressive to see. Not only have the member companies grown, but the dedicated vendors have also grown immensely.  

During each annual Symposium, Showcore can send team members to get additional educational opportunities for continued forward focused growth, something Showcore has been focused on since its inception in 1989. The 2023 Symposium included educational tracks for executive leadership, middle management training, lead technical staff training, and creative and production design – all of which have contributing impact on how organizations like Showcore show up for its clients.  

Image: (Pictured left to right: David Lund, Steve De Vries, John Ballinger)

The Showcore team left the event with additional resources, tools, and ideas to immediately impact the services it provides to clients.  

Trust Showcore for Event Production Nationwide 

Hiring a production company brings numerous benefits, from their expertise to their extensive network and familiarity with various styles of events. At Showcore, we take pride in our reputation as an Event Production Network Partner, helping companies around the globe achieve all their live, virtual, and hybrid event goals! 

Planning the perfect event takes time, communication, and coordination. If you’re looking to truly nail your next event, get in touch with our event production team and schedule a consultation!