Last month, Showcore’s President and CEO, Steve De Vries, attended the AV Alliance Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. This meeting is fueled with partnership and global conversations across the meeting and events industry.  The AV Alliance AGM brings together top executives from forty-nine countries across the globe to discuss Mission, Vision, Values, and strategies for future growth and collaboration. “This was the highest turnout I’ve witnessed and the most powerful AV Alliance meeting I’ve attended!” Says Steve De Vries, President, and CEO, Showcore. He also stated, “The Thai New Year was underway during our AGM, which made Bangkok come alive, it was like a giant water fight in many parts of the city. Whether you were walking or traveling in a Tuk-Tuk, you were bound to get wet, people with super soakers and buckets of water were everywhere, it was a unique experience. It was so hot that the water was welcomed.”

This year’s meeting was set with ambitious attendance standards, and the turnout was incredible.  Throughout the meeting, discussions of partnership, comradery, community, and enthusiasm filled the General Session space with fast-paced conversations about the current state of live events. For production companies, this connective tissue allows us to serve our clients worldwide with the same exacting standards we deliver locally, meetings like this help solidify the relationships and like-mindedness to hold a partnership network together and accountable.  

Lessons from the meeting:

  1. Comradery and trust are the magic that fuels our relationships.

  2. Technology is ever-evolving, and the importance of staying focused on the growing industry standards is of the utmost importance.

  3. Global sourcing at a local level makes our individual companies bring greater value to our customers and support sustainable best practices.  

  4.  The technology supply chain has resumed shorter lead times, and raw material components that have been unavailable are beginning to normalize, this is an incredibly positive metric.  

  5. There was an emphasis on continuing to develop strong teams and talent in all areas of our business. The AVA has an acute focus on training its membership. It’s always interesting to learn lessons from different cultures. 

  6. As we navigated our time together during the AGM, it was rewarding to learn of the vast amount of collaborations that occurred during the previous year, we truly have a global team!

As a proud acting member of the AV Alliance, Showcore remains focused on the future of our industry and the ever-evolving landscape of Talent, technology delivery, and production resources.  As a forward-thinking organization, Showcore prides itself on having the latest in today’s event production and live, virtual, and hybrid meeting and event resources to help clients deliver creative and innovative events. 

Looking for a live event production company focused on providing your next meeting or event with an exceptional experience?  Contact Showcore today or submit your RFP today! 

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