So, your company has decided to hire a third-party event production team or A/V consultant to support your upcoming corporate event. As you may already know, that’s an important step to take prior to finalizing your event budget and plans.  These companies are full of event production designers, event technology experts and creative minds that are sure to help you reach the outcomes you desire.

Imagine seeing the top-plan or .PDF your event production company provides you turning to life, as if you were in the venue seeing your content and lighting design come to life – without ever leaving your desk! Beyond basic CAD and still image renderings is the world of 3D previsualization. It’s a powerful tool that event designers, content curators and technology operators have grown to rely on.

In the event production space, previsualization is the act of pre-programing the event as if it were about to go-live, while also creating life-like experiences for those who are producing the event. Think of it as your event simulator that helps to describe, in-detail the technical top-plans, quotes full of equipment and labor and even the beautiful still imagery.

Previsualization: A Versatile, Immersive Tool

Previsualization gives all parties involved in the pre-planning process of the event, an opportunity to experience the vision they have crafted together. Typically, because this is done well-in-advance of a program, it creates the perfect opportunity to incorporate tweaks, design more cues and direct powerful transitions to drive even more engagement for attendees. It’s a powerful tool that allows for an increase in confidence for all, when walking into the opening session of any event!

Some event companies provide this service, and some don’t. At Showcore, we believe previsualization is a great tool to ensure your event’s success.

  • It helps us communicate with clients more efficiently. Having an image-accurate copy of your event enables us to speak specifically and accurately about anything from lighting design to screen layouts. It allows us to work together to help make the right decision and to solidify the “whys” we ask ourselves with each decision. With previsualization, it’s quick and easy to point to facets that work and to those that don’t and rapidly make alterations to the program plans.


  • It helps ensure client satisfaction. Perhaps there was an idea you wanted to incorporate your theme into, but in practice, it doesn’t look like you envisioned. Previsualization helps catch this ahead of time, ensuring that your event turns out the best it can be. It’s important that all who need to agree are 100% on the same page going into these decisions and this process not only helps as explained above but it also makes it easy for our clients to explain each decision to their internal teams.


  • It can quicken workflow on our end. Often, this step in the pre-production phase of any event, especially complex events, can save time on-site and limit the last-minute tweaks necessary. This creates a calmer pre-show environment and a higher level of efficiency, which typically equals a smoother start to rehearsals and a lot less stress for planners and presenters alike.

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