Of course, when it comes to any live event, crafting the story and setting the stage is an imperative moment in time.  It tends to be easier to focus on your live in-person attendees during this process than it is for designing engaging experiences to a virtual audience.  Afterall, while both in-person and virtual meetings may be “live” but it’s important to separate the two as they require a different approach. 

The importance of live event broadcasting should never be underestimated. On some levels, it can be more complex in both designing the experience as well as the execution.  Showcore, an event production company, explains why below.

Live Event Broadcasting Helps Your Brand Reach People It Otherwise Couldn’t

As amazing as your brand’s live event might be, it’s important to remember that not every potential customer or employee will be able to make it; this is the case with any event planned by any company. That’s why live event broadcasting is so crucial, as it gives opportunity to those who can’t participate physically.  You can take your event globally, rapidly, and without worry about venue capacity.

Virtual events can be a plan or a pivot to current plans.  Either way, here’s some things to consider:

  • Whether Attendees Can’t Physically Attend. Potential attendees may be on-hold from traveling for several reasons.  Including webcasting in your event plans allows you to extend your message to any potential attendee, in any quantity and in any region. This technical solution can also solve problems that aren’t typically there.  With the right plan, you can provide remote attendees with a robust and compelling experience.


  • Virtual Events Aren’t Easier to Produce. Just like in-person live events, virtual events still require a full production approach.  Focusing on the content, the viewer landing page experience, the technical troubleshooting, how the presenters look, and sound all require a heightened level of focus when going virtual.  Just because you may not require the giant stage, custom backdrops and vast lighting arrays, does not mean the complexity has shrunk.  Just like your national sales meeting, having time to create a well scripted run of show is still very important.


  • Virtual Events Don’t Require a Ballroom. Webcasting and virtual events can be held, pretty much anywhere that has ample internet, ability to utilize cameras, switchers and audio systems.  This could be your home, your production partner's facility, studio or as a tie-in within the ballroom where you’re hosting your in-person program.  It’s important to note that just like a roadshow, each venue or location requires its own planning and approach – tools may be similar for each scenario, but deployment and execution may be vastly different. 


Live event broadcasting services are a solution-based product designed to support a vast array of event needs. Chances are, if you have not incorporated webcasting during your events, it may be worth asking your production team if it’s right for you and what you can expect if you move forward.

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