Event production services and the companies who provide them are crucial parts of any event or brand activation.  When it comes to live events, you only get one chance – the planning is done, the guests have arrived, it better be perfectly tuned and ready to provide them the experience promised.  It is common for companies to gather multiple bids through the RFP process, then compare those bids as apples-to-apples to see what company fits the budget properly.  Some of the many things that are not reflected in this process are the company’s culture, readiness to deliver quality AV equipment and the knowledgeable bodies that operate your event.  So how do you get beyond the visually stunning paper or presentation to confirm the decision you are going to make?

The live events industry thrives on relationships, trust and the ability to collaborate as a team.  Afterall, it’s common to count the hours at the end of a year and realize you’ve spent a great deal of time, (sometimes weeks or months even) with your production partners staff.  How do you get to this sense of family and confidence at a faster pace? Showcore, a global event production company, explains why below.

Get to Know Your Event Company Before You Award the Bid

Your audiovisual production company is much more than a warehouse full of equipment. Companies like Showcore are filled with brilliant event professionals who are eager to collaborate and design your next event. When it comes to live event production, they’re your partner. The right one will walk you through the entire event-creation process, from staging design to lighting cues and all the possibilities of how your content will be deployed. No matter what scope of services you’re looking for, visiting their facilities will provide immediate clarity as to who they are.

  • A company’s facility tells you about the caliber of work they do | Each and every production requires hundreds if not thousands of components all working together to bring your program to life. Technical solutions require preparation, exactness, organization, quality control and redundancies. In order to be successful on the event site, production companies must first be organized and prepared internally.  A visit to their facility will tell you a lot about how the company will perform on-site.
  • Ask questions about their process | Events can be as complex as you make them but even the most basic programs require a solid well-articulated plan.  The production components that set the stage, require this as well.  The items that arrive at the venue aren’t just pushed off the truck and turned on.  Each piece has a purpose that has been pre-determined and has a precise placement and operation plan.  Asking about how they get from the front-end design visuals to the end of your event will help you envision each step they take to get there.  You’re looking for answers that show they understand their own process and can articulate it well. 
  • You get to meet the whole team! | You already know that successful events require a robust team to delegate work and check all the boxes.  It’s common for event production companies to have several team members working behind the scenes to make sure all the details fall into place properly.  Many of these key team members don’t have a role at the venue during your event.  This gives you a chance to meet the valuable team members that are working tirelessly to ensure your on-site team has everything they need and more.    

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