No matter if you’re a multimillion-dollar corporation or a smaller-scale business, hiring a live event production company is a big deal, and not an expenditure of funds to be taken lightly. You’re paying for flawless services. You know that hiring top quality audio visual event services is a must!

You were researching potential event production companies and searching for the perfect one to bring your event ideas to life. We at Showcore, with our international network, know we’re the right event production company for you, and we’ll do the legwork to prove it. Below, we’ll discuss a few important questions you should ask your potential event company, then answer them for ourselves.

Before Hiring Any Event Company, Ask That Company These Things:

●        How big is your network? You’re going to want an event company with enough reach to get things done, especially if you’re planning an event that isn’t local. If you choose too small of a company, you risk the poor service that comes with overstressed staff, poor communication, and extensive travel. When you go with Showcore, you’ll never need to worry about things being too small! Our network is global, spanning six of seven continents (there isn’t much of a receptive audience in Antarctica, unfortunately). No matter where, we’ll always have the resources to serve you.

●        When I purchase your services, who exactly will I be working with? Of course, the name of this person is only one important bit of information. The qualifications of this person are much more important. You’ll speak to the professionals who are uniquely qualified to take care of your company’s event planning needs.

●        Can I see your portfolio? Any good event company will be proud of its work and won’t be shy to show it. Its previous events are the only concrete way it can demonstrate to you that it can do your organization justice, after all. You can view our diversified portfolio of events here. We take great pride in what we do.

●        What’s your process from project inception to activation?  Any  professional and tenured live event production company has processes in-place to ensure programs are going to run smoothly and that all the proper technical elements are covered. That’s why you read other blogs that mention “bring us in at the beginning or project planning or at site visit.” It’s because these details are important enough to be more of a focus  point of any project. But really, once you get past the initial detail gathering, it’s takes a process that can be followed by all, everytime and have enough redundancies in them to ensure anyone on the event team can follow the plan. Showcore has created a proven process that leads to a final product of what we call the Show Book—it’s the master plan (yes, it’s available digitally) and you can find it at the ready on any show site.

Have More Questions? We’d be Happy to Talk With You!

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