Projection? LED? When it comes to live event production and experiential events, all these industry-specific words can be quite overwhelming to the layperson! There’s a reason why lighting engineers and other production workers go to school for years to learn all about it.

However, if you’re even remotely thinking of hiring an event production company, it helps to somewhat understand a few key terms that might come up in your event’s planning sessions. Even though a reputable, caring company like Showcore will help you understand anything you may find confusing, knowing a bit about the industry will help you to be a responsible consumer.

Below, we discuss two common methods of display used in live event production: LED and projection.

Projection: Used to Transform Large Areas in a Snap

To put it simply, projection is using technology to superimpose an image onto any given surface. If you’ve ever seen a great movie on the big screen, you know how engaging an experience projection technology can create for an audience!

In the sphere of live event production, projection is used to transform large, flat areas, such as walls, into visually stimulating displays. It can be used to create a gentle ambiance (by projecting large, flat swaths of color) or a more vibrant one (by projecting flashing or changing colors).

Projection can be put to great use by your event company if their event calls for a large, clear and defined image. That said, projection technologies can struggle to appear as brightly as you need them to in environments in which other, more intense lights overtake them.

LED: The Pinnacles of Vibrancy

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” Indeed, LED are, essentially, super bright lights—much brighter than any projection technology. In the live event services industry, LED lights are generally used to provide a vibrant, attention-drawing pop of color. They draw attention even in the presence of other powerful light sources. Your event company should take into consideration the amount of room they have to work with if they’re considering bringing in LED.

Showcore’s Specialists are Skilled with Both Technologies

If both these technologies sound amazing, it’s because they are! LED lights and projection technologies each have their place in creating scintillating events, and we here at Showcore pride ourselves in our staff’s ability to creatively use both. We’re a live event production company that would be happy to share our skills with you, and we’re thrilled to make the best event your business has ever seen. Give us a call today at 888-786-8228 to get started.