Certain businesses use the term “value” to refer to a bargain—a service given for a good price—while others use it to refer to solely the quality of their services, similar to the way one would use the word valuable. Though we pride ourselves on our economically customizable AV rentals for our fellow event companies, we know that our production services and live event designs are valuable in the high-quality sense of the word. We also know that our global network, from Australia to the United States, can provide a phenomenal event experience that few other event production companies can.


Just how does our global service network work for us? How does it let Showcore bring your business sensational experiential events and live event productions unlike any other? We hash out the details below.

Attentive Customer Service with the Reach of a Global Company: Showcore in a Nutshell

As global as Showcore is, we pride ourselves on our attentive customer service; we truly care about your event’s success as much as you do. We strive to get to know each of our customers deeply and to formulate individualized events that truly resonate with them. Each of our team members operates with a strong focus on innovation, communication, and drive. In other words, all of our team members know how to listen and how to execute.


What happens, though, when this listening-focused mentality is taken up by a company that isn’t exclusively local—a company that has connections all over the world?


●        There is always someone around to help you. Our team, as implied above, is massive with connections spanning six out of seven continents. What this means for your business is that, no matter when or how you need help with your experiential event, there will always be someone who knows how to help you. We’re only a phone call away!

●        You’re not local to the United States? No problem! Want to plan an experiential event in Australia? How about Europe? Regardless, Showcore can help no matter where you’re headquartered. With our talented team members or freelancers on the ground working with your company’s localized offices, you can always rest easy.

●        Working on a multi-city or country road show? It’s what we do! No matter the time you need your livestream to begin, no matter the time a hypothetical issue arises—Showcore can be around to help. Our global reach makes our livestream and webcasting services reliable and high-quality. In other words, they’re valuable!

Looking to Engage with Your Audience? Give Showcore a Call Today

Though we have a global reach, we’re headquartered in Minnesota. If you’d like to tap into the power of great events, give our main office a call now at 888-786-8228.