A while back in our blog, we spoke a bit about the importance of novelty in live event production. Now, we’d like to speak a little bit about how the importance of newness applies to the concept of content in the event production industry.

Content—what a word! When taken out of an industry-specific context, it’s generally used as a noun to mean something that’s inside something else. However, countless fields, from marketing to live event services, have essentially rebranded this term to mean something entirely new! When your audio visual event services company refers to your event’s “content,” they generally mean the creative materials used to convey information or a vibe. This can be anything from the images on a presentation to a video that might be played during the event. It’s a complicated, multifaceted word that can be a little difficult to follow if you’re not an industry professional.

As tricky as the term “content” can be to understand, it’s imperative that your live event production uses it in creative ways, for the sake of your event. Why? Showcore, a nationwide live event production company, explains below.

Creative Content Use is Everything

Try to remember a past meeting or event where the presenter made you want to fall asleep. The topic may have been engaging, but without the right presentation style, the entire thing fell flat.

How much of that information do you even remember now?

When it comes to live event production, your event company probably won’t be asking your event’s attendees to memorize information, of course. However, the above line of thinking still stands. Creative use and presentation of information—your event’s content, in other words—is a great way to get your guests to retain information that is presented to them and get them engaged in the experience. At Showcore, we firmly believe that our unique approach to our craft and our methodology of Audience Encapsulation℠ will engage your attendees in a similar vein. Don’t believe us? Just check out our work!

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