“Believe in the experience:” that’s our motto here at Showcore. It’s a quick, punchy slogan for an experiential event design company, sure, but it also sums up our philosophy towards event production in four words. It captures how our company operates, how our live events work, and what we bring to the table for businesses everywhere as a global audiovisual production company.


Of course, it’s difficult to think of one phrase meaning so many different things! Below, we break down how “believe in the experience” reflects our company and our services, and how it sets Showcore apart from its peers in the marketing world.

Our Company: We Believe in the Experiences We Make

We at Showcore truly do “believe in the experience;” we believe in the power of experiential events to bring consumers and businesses closer together. We believe that encouraging an authentic, two-way interaction between businesses and clients encourages the spread of your company’s name. You’ll also be able to let potential customers get a true taste of what your brand is all about, which will leave them coming back for more. At Showcore, we stand behind the brand-building power of experiential events, and that belief shines through in the eye-catching events we design.

Our Services: Believe in Great Support

At Showcore, we strive to bring clients the peace of mind that comes from working with a supportive company. We want you to believe that you’ll experience great care and attention while we build your brand together. That’s why, for our AV equipment rentals, we have on-staff technicians available to help you work out exactly what our event might need. Our countless locations across the globe can supply your event with top-notch equipment; you’ll never go without our help.

Our Brand: Believe in the Best of Both Worlds

We have locations all across the world. However, our brand’s headquarters in Saint Paul means that you’ll receive the type of care that can only come with local service. Showcore is big enough to throw powerful experiential events, but localized enough to provide you with top-quality individual care. Believe that, with showcore, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds.


Contact Showcore Today for Top-Notch Experiential Event Design

We know that the events we create will leave you a firm believer in the power of the experience. To get started planning your corporate or brand-building event, give our Eagan office a call today at 888-786-8228.