The marketing world today is saturated in content. From blog posts to pop-ups to digital billboards, the industry is constantly coming up with new ways to convey brand-positive messages to consumers to boost engagement.


In this saturated market, live event production has flourished. Live event services and experiential events are effective, creative ways to get messages to anyone from consumers to employees; they stand apart from other advertising techniques because they focus on creating experiences for those in attendance. In other words, they convey brand-positive messages via interaction with guests instead of operating passively, as do more traditional media, such as billboards. In a world that clamors for the consumer’s attention, the more interactive an advertising technique is, the better.


However, this unique operational method, as effective as it is, is not enough to make your event production stand out in a competitive advertising world. Showcore, a nationwide event production firm, discusses why below, as well as how to make sure your next live event is as entrancing as it can be.

Effectiveness in Live Event Production is All about Novelty

Live event production is not a new thing; it has been around as a marketing technique for ages. Think about everything from concerts to office parties. Consumers and employees are not going to be wowed anymore by a fully interactive experience. Your live event will need to bring something new to the table. But how?


●        Use content creatively. Novelty is attractive. In fact, science shows that new experiences of any kind bring a rush of dopamine (a feel-good chemical) to the brain. In the context of live event production, this means you can entrance your guests and capture their attention by using content—lighting, messages, and sound—in unexpected ways.

●        Brainstorm creative event ideas. On the preparation side of things, you can bring something new to the table by hitting your audience with an unheard of theme. Don’t dismiss anything as truly outlandish before you’ve truly given it a fair chance!

●        Create a new vibe. What kind of experience do you want your guests to have? How is this experience different from that your competitors try to give? Making sure the guests’ experiences are something they can only get from your own event is a great way to make your brand stick in their minds.

Need Creative Event Ideas? Showcore Has You Covered

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