Experiential events—the layperson probably doesn’t even know what that term means. Aren’t all events experiential in the sense that all events are experienced? That gets into philosophical territory; if you think too hard about what the term means it can give you quite the headache!

Luckily, Showcore is here to save you the trouble. We know this trend inside and out. Below, we’ll define experiential event production in plain and simple terms, as well as elaborate on what it can do for your next sales meeting or corporate event.

Event Production in the Experiential Sense

In the most basic sense of the term, experiential events deliver a sensory (touch, taste, smell, hearing, ETC) or emotional experience while also helping employees or potential customers engage with your brand. They have been rising in popularity in recent years due to their immersive nature; potential customers attend these events with the intention of experiencing something new, and employees, similarly, also appreciate the “new” factor.

Aside from the sensory experiences, what else defines experiential events?

● They can be interactive. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, but many experiential events take audience participation and reaction into account to build emotion. Think about a concert in which the lead singer riles an audience up by asking them to clap.
● They’re sharable. Again, this isn’t hard-and-fast, but a large part of any good marketing campaign is its ability to “get the word out,” so to speak. Experiential events are no exception. Their goals are to create experiences that the audience feels motivated to talk about outside of the evens themselves. This helps to build your brand.
● They strive to create the unexpected. To up that sharable factor, almost all experiential events try to engage their audiences in ways that are novel and exciting. Something as simple as a booth with a prize wheel, therefore, doesn’t quite qualify.
● They foster good vibes. You don’t want your audience leaving your event sad! The goal of experiential event design is to build positive feelings about your brand—to leave your audience so satisfied that they will want to engage with your brand in the future.

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