Great lighting is the frosting, so to speak, on the confection that is your event. Get it wrong and it leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth. How would a sales meeting feel, that’s supposed to energize a team, if it were set under a sleepy, orange glow? To that, we ask how mint frosting would taste on a red velvet cake.

Off. It would taste really off.

The point of that metaphor is that, in order to have a great company event, you better have your lighting design in order. Why, exactly, is lighting so important? We know it can make or break the production of an event, but how does it operate to do so? Showcore , an event production company with international lighting designers, explains below.

Lighting Influences our Emotions; Science Proves it.

Before you ask—no, enough of a certain kind of light cannot force you to feel anything. However, numerous scientific studies suggest that the color and intensity of light can create an atmosphere that will invoke emotion and guide the mood and engagement of the attendees at an event.

● We might feel more intensely under bright light. A 2014 study found that individuals seated under bright lights felt both positive and negative emotions more strongly than their peers who were not exposed to the same light.
● Lighting might be able to affect how our food tastes. A study conducted in 2009 discovered that certain colors of light affected how much participants enjoyed a given kind of wine.
● Certain kinds of light can make you feel energized. Have you ever been unable to fall asleep after scrolling through your phone? That’s because blue lighting has been found to foster feelings of alertness (and it even impairs sleep-producing hormones in our brains!).

Lighting has a direct effect on our mood, appetite and relaxation. Lighting even decides when we wake up and when we go to bed! It’s a force that experiential events can harness to direct their vibes. That’s why it’s so important to nail down the lighting when it comes to live events, both large and small. The mood of your attendees, and how productive your event is, depends on it!

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