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Elevating Employee Engagement: In-Person Corporate Events Done Right

Don’t settle for another boring, informative in-person event that will only leave your employees exhausted and uninspired! Here are several live event tips that will ensure your in-person corporate event is a positive experience for all involved!

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The Future of Live Events: 5 Design Trends Shaping Live Event Experiences

The future of live events lies in implementing innovative design solutions that will engage with and inspire your attendees. Here are five live design trends that are changing the meaning of live event experiences.

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The Art of Immersive Event Storytelling: Creating Transformative Brand Experiences

A magical blend of creativity and strategy has the potential to turn ordinary gatherings into unforgettable journeys, leaving attendees not just informed, but transformed. For businesses seeking to forge deeper connections with their audience, create lasting brand impressions, and stand out in the crowded marketplace, mastering the art of immersive event storytelling is nothing short of essential. 

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Event Data Analytics: Unveiling the Secrets to Measuring Success

Imagine hosting an extravagant gala, an industry-defining conference, or a mesmerizing product launch. The bright lights, the captivating presentations, the dazzling stage – all meticulously planned to impress your audience. Every detail that goes into your live event production plays a pivotal role in determining the achievement of your event’s goals. 

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Showcore Attends Event Production Networks 15th Annual Leadership Symposium

Not all associations are built the way the Event Production Network is. Showcore is proud to be known as a member, collaborate with other members, and engage in programs dedicated to continuing to deepen the community impact amongst all member partners. 

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Maximizing ROI: How Companies Can Optimize Their Event Budgets

Planning a live event for any company is no small feat. It involves a complex web of decisions, from selecting the perfect venue and coordinating logistics to engaging attendees and ensuring a memorable experience for all parties involved.

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The Path to Successful Event Content

Proper correspondence between your production partner, graphics, marketing, and communications departments is crucial to ensuring your event content is effective, engaging, and works properly with the technologies of your event. Here are four tips to help your teams better collaborate to create successful event content!

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Firewalls, IT, Registration Issues, & Stream Failures: 5 Steps to Eliminate Helpdesk Overload

Pop quiz! Have you attended a virtual or hybrid event in the past year? If you said yes, you’re certainly not alone! In the past few years, virtual and hybrid events have increased tenfold as far as the world of event production goes. In fact, recent surveys indicate that 95.5% of event professionals believe incorporating at least some form of a virtual event is of the utmost importance when developing their event strategies.

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Showcore Attends AV Alliance Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand

Last month, Showcore’s President and CEO, Steve De Vries, attended the AV Alliance Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Creating Event Content to Engage & Inspire Your Audience

Want your live event audience to feel compelled after attending your next event? Here are a few tips for creating event content to engage your audience and inspire them to act with your brand!

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