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Maximizing ROI: How Companies Can Optimize Their Event Budgets

Planning a live event for any company is no small feat. It involves a complex web of decisions, from selecting the perfect venue and coordinating logistics to engaging attendees and ensuring a memorable experience for all parties involved. 

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Showcore Mobile Network Deployment Case Study: NFBPA 2024, Baltimore, MD

Seamless internet connectivity is paramount for any live event production. See how Showcore’s event production team was able to provide customized and private networks to ensure the NFBPA Forum was a success.

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Showcore & Event Production Network: An Association of Event Innovation

How has Showcore been able to continuously provide industry-leading event production services to clients throughout North America? Read on to learn how our relationship with the Event Production Network has evolved into an association of event excellence and innovation!

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Sensory Experiences: The Role of Sound, Sight, & Touch in Corporate Events

How can live event production better cater to all of our senses? Here are a few event production tips to better incorporate sound, sight, and touch into the design of your next corporate event.

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How Can Lighting Help Optimize Your Event Space On a Budget?

How does lighting factor in optimizing your event production budget? Showcore’s experts in event production explain how lighting choices can enhance your event space without overspending.

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How AI Is Changing the Landscape of Corporate Events

How can AI technologies enhance the experience of your next live event? Here are a few of the ways AI software is changing the landscape of live event production!

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Beyond PowerPoint: Innovative Presentation Techniques for Corporate Events

We’ve all been there: You walk into a highly anticipated corporate event, a giant ballroom buzzing with electricity, attendees left and right brimming with excitement for what's to come. Introduction music scores the entrance stroll of the keynote speaker, who walks out to the applause of hundreds of hands clapping in unison. All eyes are on her as she fires up yet another mundane PowerPoint presentation. 

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Elevate Your Brand: How Effective Event Design Reinforces Corporate Identity

When you step foot into any corporate event, there’s always a sense of anticipation that crackles in the air, with attendees poised for an immersive experience that embodies the brand they admire.  Yet, as the curtains rise, one way to immediately dim the excitement is an underwhelming presentation, where disjointed visuals and incongruous elements aren't just a missed opportunity – they present a branding disaster waiting to unfold.

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Elevating Employee Engagement: In-Person Corporate Events Done Right

Don’t settle for another boring, informative in-person event that will only leave your employees exhausted and uninspired! Here are several live event tips that will ensure your in-person corporate event is a positive experience for all involved!

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The Future of Live Events: 5 Design Trends Shaping Live Event Experiences

The future of live events lies in implementing innovative design solutions that will engage with and inspire your attendees. Here are five live design trends that are changing the meaning of live event experiences.

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