Live Event Content Production

At Showcore, we think differently about live event content production. We believe it doesn’t have to be complicated! From pre-built easily integrated content pieces to advanced 2D & 4D content designed to enhance any event setting.


Loop Video

Looping video content is designed to enhance presentations and to provide an easy entry point into customized content without incurring the costs of full-scale content production.

Transition Video

Transitions are designed to fill the gap between content pieces & presentations. We’ve developed some easily implementable transitions that can be combined with pre-created loops to create dramatic effects for engaging audiences.

Custom Content Production

Content production doesn’t have to be difficult. Our world-class team of designers are ready to help enhance your events & to give you the extra momentum to deliver your message while driving attendee engagement.

Customized content is perfect for brand launches, product showcases, experiential marketing, live events, & conferences of all sizes.

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