Audience EncapsulationSM Experiential Design

Showcore doesn't just stage events – it designs experiential technology environments that engages the audience's senses. That is why we have developed Audience Encapsulation, the new full-audience experience that is the next evolutionary stage in corporate communications and visual engagement.

Just Don't Present…Engage & Captivate!

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Audience Encapsulation is a revolutionary design platform to more powerfully and effectively communicate the message of your event by engaging the audience's senses, allowing the presentation to become an experience. We do this through the engineering of 360° sensory experiential design experiences that impacts and drives audience engagement through interaction. Better yet, Audience Encapsulation directly addresses the limited attention spans of today’s technology savvy audience members and directs their focus on the event at hand.

Benefits to you:

  • Addresses the Limited Attention Spans of Audience Members
  • Increases Audience Engagement
  • Interactive with 360° Sensory Experience
  • Customizable and Can Be Engineered for Any Event
  • Provides More Intimate Stage Environments & Experiences

Engage your audience through experiential events and become event interactive!

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Looking for the ultimate event experience to engage your audience? Contact Us now to discuss this compelling design platform and how it can be integrated into your next event.